Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cookie #3 Grandma's Sugar Cookies From Heaven (I didn't forget last week!)

Ok..so I have some work to do on my pictures! I tried to do the whole tea cup, plate and cookies and my camera did not focus right. I will post on the bottom for you to see! These cookies are absolutely "heavenly!" These have been in my family for as long as I can remember. They are a crisp sugar cookie that melts in your mouth. Not kidding! They just melt. So as you can imagine...you cannot eat just one and walk away.  One of my faves from long, long ago.  I know I am supposed to be trying new recipes but these got baked for another occasion and I couldn't not include them in this blog! Been doing some great research and have some awesome cookies coming!!!
My one baking tip of the week: Do NOT use generic baking ingredients. It does change the cookies and I have had them flop completely when I try to skimp! For me, it's not worth the risk! Have a great week and bake something yummy! Your family will love you for it! I never thought this whole cookie thing would take off but today Grant (almost 10) asked, "Where's the new cookies? The cookie of the week? What's it going to be?" He was so excited that it practically made me melt inside!  

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