Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cookie #4 Smore's Galore Cookie

This cookie is addicting!!!! Right after they come out and cool for about 5 minutes the chocolate is soft and melty and the marshmallows are sticky-gooey! Mmmm.... They were pretty easy to mix up but a bit tedious when it comes to baking. You actually drop them by tablespoons on the sheet and then bake for about 7 minutes. Pull them out and push in marshmallows and chopped up chocolate bar. Then bake again for about 3 minutes.  I did have to leave these on the cookie sheet to cool for about 4 minutes or so. They just seemed to set up and not be quite as gooey coming off the cookie sheet that way. Let's just say...I do pretty good when baking not to eat too many but these I could NOT resist! I am positive I had 4 the first day!! Yikes!  I will be making these again this week for our school's open house so i guess you could say that these are definitely a keeper!!!

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